About us

The Department of Pediatric Pneumology and ftizeology originally worked in the former monastery built in 1909. 
Management of The department  indicated on unsuitable conditions for hospitalized and ambulatory patients for a long time.
A research was made by the officers of the Ministry of Health in September 2000, wich concluded unsatisfactory condition.
The suggested solutions did not respect specific hygienic-epidemiological requirements for  the facilities treating respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis.
In this situation began to work a patients' interest group - Club for parents and friends of children with cystic fibrosis.

The civic association Bambino was initiated by a collaboration of JUDr. Rudolf Durdík and MUDr. Štefan Mojžiš, in order to develop and improve health care in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children with respiratory diseases treated at the Department of Pediatric Pneumology and ftizeology in Bratislava, Podunajské Biskupice.

Currently we are organizing social events which financial proceeds from sponsorship gifts help us to buy diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation for the Pediatric Clinic.

We will be glad if you will contribute to our work by donating money to our account :

Name of Bank:  Poštová banka
Bank account:  50045004/6500
ID :            42262534

Thank you for your donation.
  The civic association Bambino, Department of Pediatric Pneumology and ftizeology, Bratislava - Podunajské Biskupice, 
                                                                           bank account.: 50045004/6500, ID: 42262534
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